Pamela L Meyer DO,PC

Sunforgettable sun protection relies on the reflective and refractive properties of micronized titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. The clear, weightless powder does not rub off on clothes, is safe for all ages, odor free and will not burn the eyes when perspiring.    This lightweight mineral powder is very water resistant and provides the safest non-irritating, instant UVA and UVB   sun protection.  The self dispensing powder brush makes this breakthrough formula easy to apply and reapply throughout the day.  Our SPF 50 mineral powder will also help diminish the appearance of aging due to wrinkles and skin discoloration that are caused by harmful UVA and UVB rays.    Protect yourself 365 days a year? ·         A person’s risk for melanoma doubles if they have had more than 5 sunburns at any age. ·         One in five Americans will develop skin cancer in the course of a lifetime. ·         Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the US.  More than one million skin cancers are diagnosed annually. ·         More than 20 Americans die each day from skin cancer.  One person dies from Melanoma every 62 minutes. ·         Woman age 39 and under have a higher probability of developing melanoma than any other cancer except breast cancer. ·         Although the most significant amount of UVB radiation hits the US between10 am and 4 pm from April to October, UVB rays can still damage your skin year round.  Sun exposure at high altitudes and on reflective surfaces like water or snow can bounce back up to 80% of the rays hitting the skin twice!                                     

  Introducing Sunforgettable                      SPF 50 Powder

Seriously strong sun protection!

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